SEO Tips #51- Dynamic Numbers to drive phone calls

Know Which Keywords Drive Phone Calls

Are you really doing all you can to maximize your marketing spend?

Now you can use dynamic numbers to instantly see which keywords are driving phone calls from your web site. And there’s no better way to do business than the old-fashioned way – voice to voice over the phone.

Here’s how dynamic numbers work: If one prospect in Google searched for “left-handed gold clubs” and a second searched for “golf clubs for a southpaw,” a different phone number could be displayed on the same
web site based on that search. This gives you the ability to track not only how a keyword drove someone to your site but which keywords are driving people to call your telephones.

That’s what we call solid ROI data. So what else does that mean for you as a marketer, advertiser, or web site owner?

Well, it allows you to not only measure the effectiveness of individual keywords, but put that effectiveness to work immediately.  Say you’ve got a sales team where each salesperson specializes in one area of the product.  Based on the keyword that a prospect searches for, you can route that caller to the salesperson with the most knowledge in that specific product or service area.