SEO Tips # 70 – Content Freshness and RSS Feed

“Content freshness” refers to how often your Web content gets updated. To put it simply, the more often you add new content to your Web site, you are feeding your visitors new information.

But you are also feeding the search engines new information.

The effect of updating your content will have an impact on several things such as:

* having more visits from search engine spiders on a regular basis.
* having high quality fresh new content also gets your web pages indexed faster if the robots visit more regularly
* having a site that is consistently updated on a regular basis has benefits to both visitor behavior and search engine relevancy.

Now there is a product that gives you the ability to easily add fresh content to your web pages the easy way. It’s about satisfying your viewers AND the search engines… giving them both something they love!

Fresh, original content…through RSS or Really Simple Syndication.