SEO Tips # 71- Search for important Keyword Phrase

Search for your most important keyword phrase. Carefully study the top 10 results. Which is the best written title? Which is the most captivating?

Which grabs the reader by the throat and makes him or her want to click on the link? Is it the #1 ranked result? Not necessarily, is it? Is it your listing?

If it’s not your listing, and especially if you’re having problems with click throughs with this keyword phrase, how can you change your title to make it more intriguing and designed to pull in traffic? We’re talking about click throughs here. You can often beat the top ranked sites if you have a more
appealing and captivating title.

Make a list of title changes, being sure to include your keyword phrase in the title. Set it aside and don’t look at it for two days. Then, bring it out again and study the list again. Begun culling down the list. Get others’ opinions.
Try a new title, and see if your click through rate will improve.