SEO Tips # 91- Website Contents and Links

Who is your “target audience”? When you write your Web site content, who are you focusing it on?

Have the search engines ever purchased anything from you? Forget the search engines! Focus on your customers! When you write content, write valuable content focused on your customers. Focus on one topic (keyword phrase) only. Your keyword-containing tags should include that one topic (keyword phrase) only. Everything on the page should be focused on that one topic. Prove to the search engine that your page is about that topic. The page will then be very relevant for the topic. But it be valuable for the customers.

Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines. The search engines aren’t and probably won’t ever be your customers. Keep your true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site and in your content.

Don’t ever give the search engines just one way to find your pages. Put links to new pages on your site map. If there’s a corresponding page on your site that you can use to link to the new page, do so. Mention the new page on your blog. Do you have a directory associated with the particular topic dealing with the content of this new page? Add a link on that page. Just make sure that you give the search engines several ways to find the new pages.