SEO Tips : Share your content socially across the Web

Everybody like to share our content through the world. Usually, The SEO people to submit the content to multiple pages to promote the website.

Here i have mentions some great tools on the web that will help you to promote your content to all your social networking.

Let’s take a look.

1. – It is one of the best ways to share your social life on the Web. The service allows you to add a slew of social network profiles to your FriendFeed account. Whenever a person starts following your feed on the site, he or she will see all updates you make across those social networks.

2. Genwi – It uses what it calls “newspapers” to help you stay connected with friends. You won’t be able to send content to your social networks, but you can put all your social network information into one place, making it easier for folks to find what you’re up to.

3. HelloTxt – It is a great service that will allow you to update your social network status from the site. Simply sign up, input your message, and you can pick which social networks you want to update. You can update your status on Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Plurk, and others. Even better, you can do that from the site, via e-mail, or through SMS.

4. Lifestream – Like FriendFeed, It helps you put all your social content into one place for friends to check out. It works well.

5. – It is a great site. Instead of simply bringing all your content into one place, the site lets you add all your social networks and update them directly from