Stepping into Digital Marketing, 15 Terms you Must Know to Grow Your Business

The world of digital marketing consists of terms like ROI, CPC, CTR, KPI and many more. If you are a beginner and having the constant question “what are the keywords to understand digital marketing” then this blog is the right choice for you to deal with.

Now in this blogs, we are going to discuss certain important terminologies in digital marketing.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

A key performance indicator is the measure of success of your campaigns. It may include any types of factors like click-through rate, engagement rate, bounce rate and so on.

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

This is used to determine how much you are spending to achieve a single customer. It can be calculated by dividing the total cost of the campaign by a number of conversions.

A/B Split Testing

When you are trying to run any advertisement, it is better to perform test splitting. In this process of split testing, one will be designing 2-3 ads and running all at the same time. This will help you to find which ad people liked more and dragged you the potential customers.

Cost Per Impression

It is used to determine how many times your ad appears on the site despite the matter whether the customer have a look into it or not.

Click-Through Rate

This terminology is specially used to determine how many times your ads are being clicked by the users or visitors.

Engagement Rate

If you are using the blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will know clearly what is meant by engagement rate? If your engagement rate is high which mean your content is good, this will help you out in gaining better SEO. It includes everything like how many likes, shares or comments you received.

CTA – Call to Action

Call to Action can be any kind of button in order to get the customers attention by clicking, purchasing or giving their email or any other kinds of activities you want them to make. An effective call to action should be short, bold and sweet.

Buyers Persona

It can be created by you or your marketing team it consists of the information about your potential customers.

Domain Authority

This is generally the values from 1-100 assigned to your websites by Moz. Higher is your domain authority then there is a higher chance of ranking.

Bounce Rate

This term used to calculate how many users are entering into your website and return immediately after visiting the single page. Your bounce rate should be generally low as possible.

Above the Fold

This refers to the content that appears on your website immediately after logging in before scrolling or getting back.

For example: The above the fold content for the home page should be “Talk to an expert” or “Contact Us.”.

Relevancy Score

When you are running a Facebook campaign, your ads are compared with the other ads and the relevancy score is given.

The same thing is done for the Google paid search also but in terms of the quality score.

Keyword Proximity

It denotes how close the keywords are to each other within the given body of the text.


It is software that are generally used to scan your websites.


It is the visit that comes to your webpage from the external websites by clicking the link in it.

Hope you would have come to know about some of the interesting terms in digital marketing. Deep understanding of all the concepts in a clear way is highly essential for designing a good marketing plan.