Successful Blogging Tips – Purpose, Specific, Content Freshness and Hosting

“Should I host my Blog on my site or at a different location?

Which will be the smarter way to go?

Even before you make that decision, there are other more  important questions you should ask yourself.

1. What will be the purpose of the Blog?

(Don’t even start Blogging until you have defined a “purpose” or an objective for that Blog.)

The reason this is quite important is to keep in mind that you are writing for a specific audience. You need a reason for your buying audience to visit your blog.

Remember that a Blog will ping readers when it has just been updated. And you want regular readers to come back and
participate in discussion. By defining the purpose of your Blog you can monitor it and attract regular readers over and over again.

Remember that with comments turned on, your Blog actually becomes a Social Media site. With the right conversation
trails from regular readers, it can indeed take on a life of its own, nearly like a living, breathing entity.

2. Remember to give your Blog a specific voice.

Remember that after defining your Blogs purpose, the next thing to decide upon is giving it a “voice” or a “writing style” that readers can become accustomed too.

This builds continuity and can be very effective once the readers look forward to and know what to expect in an update. You actually can build relationships with readers if you define your Blogs voice.

Then there is such a thing as collaborative Blogging or working together as a whole group on one Blog. This has some tremendous advantages, for as they say many hands, make lighter work. The thing to keep in mind with collaborative Blogs, is to make sure you try and keep the group together on one fine tuned path. More about this in future tips.

3. Remember that content freshness is another major benefit of consistent Blogging.

Because a Blog is like an online journal, which self-archives into various categories it is appealing to the search engines love of fresh content. Some Bloggers will write once a week or 3 times a week. Plus some Bloggers will write 2 or 3 times a day. It does not matter accept that the more often you Blog, the more the search engines will be crawling your Web site, but even more importantly so will your readers.

Daily Blogging can literally result in a very busy environment with readers being pinged and returning to read the latest posts within seconds, plus remember to enable comments as there are many people that have the need to express their point of view.
These are just 3 simple tips before we go back and answer that original question…

“Should I host my Blog on my site or at a different location? 

For the correct answer, it really depends on the purpose of your Blog, but  9 times out of 10 it is wiser to make your Blog part of your business Web site.

The reason why is because you are going to be attracting search engines as well as readers and many Blogs that become
popular are alive with traffic and huge conversation trails.

Why should your visitor not be aware of your business or services that you offer. I can’t think of too many occasions
when you’d want to send them away to another site. Plus you can also get a domain name for your Blog which may at some point make sense.