Tips to Use Whats App in PC


Whatsapp is very popular application but it is strange that it cannot be used on PCs and most of tablets. There are many methods to use whatsapp on PC, one of them is to use with “BlueStacks” emulator. Many people did not like this method. Millions of Computer users were requested alternative for this. As a response of this whatsapp team released a web application to use whatsapp in PC without any software. For this chrome browser is enough.


Here the tips to help you more,

  1. This facility only applicable for Android, Windows, Blackberry mobiles not for iphone’s said by WhatsApp Team.
  2. First, you need to download the latest whatsapp application from application store or you can update the application.
  3. Then in PC open the Chrome Browser and go with there you find with QR code
  4. In your Mobile, Open the WhatsApp Application -> select the WhatsAppWeb option, then QR scanner line opens.
  5. Then Scan the QR code which shown in browser and that’s it.
  6. The Next few seconds your chrome browser reflects WhatsApp as in your phone. All the options are on the phone, the facilities are in the web application.
  7. To access whatsapp in pc smoothly, your mobile should connect with the internet.
  8. Desktop notification facility also available.
  9. With this you only have options to share images and web camera access not for to share contacts, audio, locations.
  10. The biggest plus of this web application is that everything on the Internet is much easier to see and share in the WhatsApp.