Top 10 Free Google Tools for SEO Professionals

Are you a SEO Expert? or interested in Online Marketing?

You cant sit back and wait for the competitors to pass by you. You have to concentrate on few things to reach the success for your business.

  1. Know about the updated trends and google algorithms.
  2. Know the best tools and implement it.
  3. Track your progress.
  4. Stay updated with the search engines.

In previous blogs, we have looked many tools that helps to boost your online presence, reaching your niche audiences and taking your revenue to the success.

Today we will look for some top Google Tools that are free and very useful for SEO Professionals.

You might not have used this tools in your daily works, but after knowing the use of it, you will definitely start using this in your website and blog too.

 1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

Let’s take before an era, we never thought mobile phone would rule people. Yeah we can say smartphones and tablets are ruling humans, do you all know that 60% of searches are coming from smartphones , tablets and other few mobile devices.

To be the top SEO marketer among this competitive world, you must adopt mobile responsiveness in your sites. Google has made this clear by including a website to be mobile friendly and also considered as one of the ranking factor.

Google is providing a free tool named Mobile-Friendly test tool, enter the URL of your website and click Analyze. If your website look like the same below then your site is also mobile responsive.

mobile-friend2. Google My Business:

Are you having a local business and need to have more number of leads for your business? Then Google My Business which means, you can create a google listing for your website in many sites. Through this business listing, your all details pop up while searching for it.

Here is how a Business Listing look like

Google Business3.Google PAGE SPEED Insights:

If your business need to be top on the search engine rankings then your website should be really fast too. Having a fast website will lead to many niche customers, you can see impacts on your ranking and many more.

Use Google Page speed Insight tool to check how fast is your website.

4. Google Correlate:

Google Correlate is for the persons who thinks to reach their business top and more than that. Through Correlate tool from Google, you will be able to generate the targeted results. When you search for some queries or looking for topics to write for your blog, then have a look at this tool because, this tool generate topics and content that will focus on your primary keywords. Those keywords also will match with the current trends and topics.

5. Google Trends:

Most of the webmasters do not use this tool, In Order to go for Featured Insights you can also run a search for the particular topic you have in your mind.

If you are having digital marketing blog, and if you plan to go for one article daily, then you can try out the topic here. You will get the list of items matching to it, you may get lot of topics, write one for today and keep on the rest for coming days.

6. Google Chrome:

Now i know what you peoples are thinking on seeing this title. what a browser can do for a seo professional right? Some people may easily catch the reason why i included this google chrome browser in tools . yeah Extensions play major role too.

Google chrome has tons of SEO Extensions that will give you good idea on your marketing strategy. SEO and Website Analysis Extension, SERP Extension are some of them.

7. Google Alerts:

Now again you peoples are thinking, what a Google Alert can do for a SEO Professional right?

How much you use this Google Alert, more creative you can go with your digital marketing strategy. If you are creating a topic as google alerts based on your competitor, then sure you will get some topics what they are doing and how they are performing through Google Alerts.

You can know new resources and also chase them with your creative thinking.

Go create a Google Alert for the keywords you need and be ready to check for the new updates and roll out.

8. Google Voice:

A successful Business is that if you are on in the top in SERP’s. Google Voice plays an important role if you are having more than two businesses.

Through Google Voice you will be able to send text messages from your computer, You can create customized and personalized  greetings to enhance the callers experience, you will be able to read transcriptions online,  Share voicemail, You can receive call from any mobile or phones.

9. Google Sheets:

For SEO related tasks, Google Sheets are the best and the preferred one among all the digital marketers. You can have a copy of each and every updates that you have done to improve your business. You will be able to know for what keywords you have worked, what are the links you have opted for and many more through this Google Sheets.

You can share this google sheets with number of persons around the world. It helps to avoid mistakes and you works don’t get collapsed if it is a multiple one. Google Sheet is a simple thing which will have the history of your business.

10. YouTube:

Do you all know YouTube was the first search engine before 10 years. Google acquired YouTube for one billion dollars. It’s also the biggest video sharing site and also the second biggest search engine in the world.

Videos plays an major role in the success of SEO. Always YouTube videos rank higher in search engines, so concentrate video marketing in YouTube.

You may have done many type of Businesses that may be local or national brand, you may have overlooked many of these tools in your business, but after reading this you might have known how these tools can help your business to grow.

So start using this Google tools in the coming projects. For the lead generation purpose SEO is must, if your search rankings are down and are not satisfying then this is the right time to examine your SEO Strategy. Use this tools at the right time and ensure whether you are going in the right order.

Have you ever used this Free Google Tools while doing SEO? If yes please do share what Google Tools you have used and what are the results you gained by those Google Tools, if you have not used still , then what are your opinion about this Google tools? Please do share it with us through the comment section below.