Track Your SEO using Google Analytics

There are number of tools available to track your SEO, all these to increase the website traffics. Google analytics is simple and easy tool to monitor analysis and improve the traffic for your websites. It provides Audience overview which tells about how many sessions your website had in given period of time. Acquisition tells you the list of sources where your traffic comes from. Apart from this you can get details about the social media presence of your websites. Since more number of users engage through the social media presence. The dataset of google analytics gives you overall view of how your websites is doing SEO wise.

Google analytics helps to analysis each page of your websites. You can compare organic traffic for specific page to your total organic traffic gives good idea of how your page is doing. Bounce rate is an important metric gives you percentage of people that left your landing page without doing anything on that page. Bounce rate is important factor for ranking your sites. Always have meaning information which is more relevant to your website, so that user gets relevant things in the landing page.

Mobile traffics provide the details of how many mobile visitors engaged in your websites. Google analytics always check that whether your site is compatible to mobile, desktop, tablet and so on. google analytics guide you to improve your websites traffics.