Is there a direct link between SEO and conversion optimization?

SEO is the method to increase reliable traffic to the site. By “reliable traffic” I mean those that end up buying something or either download or signup on your site.  A SEO analyst or specialists are those who work on this.

Improving traffic is a great deed itself but can SEO result in sales at your site. Here is where the term conversion optimization needs to be defined. Moreover it is the SEOs who have their real hand in the conversion at your site. In fact SEO and Conversion optimization are closely inter-related and the two must go side by side to change your site visitors to customers.

This is a real tough competition space for start-up ecommerce sites. They should really work for those aspects of usability from the users end. Or else, doing all sorts of SEO stuffs like link building and on-page optimization that results in good SERP ranking will turn out useless without any conversion.


When you plan things according to conversion there are lots to work. Before planning for other search engine positioning, figure out what your core visitors really want. The 2 main aspects that can really hold back your visitors by conversion based SEO are content and usability.

Analytics can lead you to the target with the actual numbers. Here you can figure out where exactly the users bounce out. An increased bouncing rate can lead to fewer conversions. Here are few queries you need to check into in this case:

  • Does your site help for easy navigation?
  • How about the site loading speed?
  • Does your site support one-step conversion helpful for end-user?
  • Are the contents in your site valuable, do they meet the user needs?

In your website if you can answer these questions from end-user perspective it means that you can really bring out the needed result. If any of the answer is “no” do work out for the same.

After all conversion SEO involves basic tricks where there needs to be a understanding on the website. There is no hard and fast rule that this is the real need to bring conversions. Work out over and over again for better results.