What is the Difference between SEO and SEM? A Step towards Growth of the Business

As we know both SEO and SEM are the marketing processes to create brand awareness and the traffic to websites through search engines. SEO – so-called search engine optimization is the small part under the SEM.

SEM includes many of the marketing strategies for the growth of the business.


Search engine optimization is generally a technique to optimize the website to receive natural or organic traffic to the website.

The ultimate aim of the search engine optimization is to attract the related visitors to the website who are interested in products or the services provided by us.


SEM is the paid strategy to drive traffic to the website through paid or sponsored ad listings. You could raise a question whether both SEM and paid searches or PPC are nearly same then the answer is yes.

To say in a simple and technical manner it is the paid tactics to get better place on the search engine ranking page.

SEO – Organic strategy to increase the search

SEM – Paid strategy to increase the search

Similarities between SEO and SEM

  • Helps in appearing in search results.
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • They focus on specific keywords
  • Requires continues monitoring and optimization

What is Important? SEO or SEM

When this discussion arises people will say SEO is the best way because it can offer high- quality leads at a cheaper rate when compared to SEM. But achieving it is not so simple.

Every business has unique needs and the selection of the strategy depends on the business and the situation you are looking on.

If you are a budding start-up and you do not have enough to invest much in digital marketing, you can rely on SEO. Then later as you grow you can extend your hands into paid advertising called SEM.