Get to Know About Free Tools for Marketing Your Small Business Digitally

With the greater expansion in the market, small companies are tending to compete with the larger business organizations to a greater extent. But small start-ups and others tend to spend only the limited amount of money in the area of digital marketing. Now in this blog, we are going to see some of the free tools that help in internet marketing.

When an organization faces the downfall, internet marketing is the area they seem to cut off, so in such cases, these tools may play a greater role in helping.

For Images & Design

Being a person handling the website you will know the usage of images in social media content, Blogs and many other.

So now are going to discuss two free tools other than Canva,

You no need to search from one site to another to find the perfect images for your site. You can simply use this tool and find the images that you are expecting.


It is one of the image editing tools for social media posts. It has more free images that will help us to increase our social media engagements.

For Content Marketing

In certain situations when you start thinking to write content for your website or your weekly blogs, you will be left confused in getting the idea for it.

In such cases, you can try with the below tools,

Answer the Public

This tool generally gives us the common questions asked by the public and phrases related to our keywords and this will help us in finding the idea to write when we run out of the topics.

Hemmingway App

This tool will help us in increasing the quality of the content we write similar to Grammarly.

There are many other tools to generate attractive titles for your blogs.


We can see some of the important tools that can make SEO strategies easier. You no need to be a coder or an expert to handle this tool. You learn step by step.

Some of the common tools that are used practically includes,

  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Google keyword planner

Some of the other tools which help to analyze your websites performance and the other problems in your websites include,

  • Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test and many others.
  • Hotjar

For Email Marketing

Now we can see some of the email marketing tools that help us in building the email lists and maintains the customer relationship management.

  • Mailchimp – It helps us in sending 2000 email per day.
  • Sumo
  • Mail jet

For scheduling the posts in social media there are some tools like,

  • Hootsuite
  • TweetDeck – helps in managing the twitter business profile.

These are some of the tool that you can easily access and get to understand more as the time goes. They are the valuable supporters to the digital marketing of small business that are budding out.