What is the purpose of having a Squidoo Lens page or several pages?

Are you familiar with Squidoo lenses? If not, let me tell you that a lens is simply a Web page and it is Web 2.0 friendly and loaded with easy to use features.

It can be used for many different purposes from sharing useful articles and information plus you can even earn money by creating content on Squidoo.

The Squidoo system lets you control all of the options and they split any profits with you that your page earns or you can choose to have either a portion of the funds (or all of them) sent to your favorite charity, if you prefer.

What is the purpose of having a Squidoo Lens page or several pages?

  • publish your articles
  • publish an Interview with someone
  • talk about your hobbies or talk about your career
  • do some affiliate marketing
  • highlight an eBay auction
  • sell things from Amazon
  • point people to political action opportunities
  • link back to your business Web site along with your Bio
  • establish your identity
  • Gather customer feedback at no cost with your own free guest book
  • Incorporate visitor voting
  • Choose to create content on nearly any topic you wish
  • Publish as many lenses as you wish all 100% for free

Here is an example of a couple simple Squidoo pages that I made:

–Keyword Forensics Vs. Traditional Keyword Research

–How Well does your Squidoo lens communicate to your visitors?

Apply your optimization pages to your lenses and they can also be
found in the search results on other engines.

Try it out for your self at http://www.Squidoo.com

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