Increase your Website Traffic using Twitter Cards – Infographic

As we know Twitter is one of the top social media networks but it is constrained by its 140 character limit. We often felt this while we trying to increase our social media presence in Twitter. Now Twitter were added a new stuff to help us more.

The new stuff is “Twitter Cards” which is actually a way around that character limit and to increase your conversion rates. Know more about it and get use of it.

Using Twitter Cards, you can actually embed rich media that don’t count toward your tweet character limit. These rich media allow your fans and followers to do things like download an app, visit a landing page, give over their email, or use a coupon — all without leaving Twitter.

To Use Twitter Cards, just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the appropriate Twitter Card type
  • Add Meta Tags
  • Validate the Twitter Card
  • Measure results with the Twitter Card Analytics

To know more about this, just give a glance over the infographic which is added below here.

twitter-card-traffic - Copy