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SEO Consultant - Abdul Malick

What is SEO Really About?

About SEO: SEOs don’t build websites; they build web presence. SEOs don’t design websites; they make your website more usable. SEOs don’t socialize your content; they communicate your value. SEOs don’t spam keywords in content to rank; they integrate key words into content to sell. SEOs don’t sell your products/services; they help you attract buyers […]

SEO Content Marketing Infographics

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO This content marketing infographics provides the information about content marketing strategy, where to submit our content, how to optimize and how to choosing the site to market different types of content with SEO strategies. Different types of contents and their marketing are , Social Networking Video Sharing Audio

Chennai Digital Marketing Professional Meetup 2018 – Tidel Park, Chennai, India

Digital Marketing Professional Meetup 2018 in Chennai, India: Chennai Digital Marketing Professional Meetup is a day-long meetup event organized by Chennai Digital Marketers Group(CDMG) aimed at bringing together the best minds from the Digital Marketing and Analytics domain to talk about search marketing, SEO, Social media, Digital Advertising, analytics, content, trends, insights and Marketing. This

Digital Marketing Overview for Beginners

Learn Digital Marketing Technology and Options This digital marketing introduction presentation covers about digital marketing options that includes Search engine optimization(SEO), social media, Pay Per Click(PPC) and Web Analytics. Also these slide helps to promote our business through online marketing technology Digital Marketing – An Introduction from Abdul Malick

SEO Tips : SEO vs PPC

SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires some training and practice to gain the required skills to know how to accurately and precisely get top visibility on the search engines. However, once you have been trained and have the skills to get that visibility, people will find you in the top results and click on your links. With PPC you have

Digital Marketing Corporate Training Program in Trichy

Digital Marketing and SEO Training Course in Trichy, India: In Trichy, Digital Marketing Corporate Training Program is going to conduct by certified Google Experts along with leading software companies TechCmantix Technologies & Digitz India. Make use of this opportunity and become a Digital Marketing Professional.  For every successful candidate of this program, certificate will be

SEO agencies in 2014 – Infographic

I just came across with the linkbird infographic which is to present the current state of SEO agencies based on survey from 10000 SEO professionals. This helps us to get an overview and better understanding of the current state of SEO agencies & some of the following are Where is the money spent? Where do