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My Digital Marketing Trainer Journey in Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Program by Tamil Nadu Government

Digital Marketing Training Experience in TN Govt Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Program The Naan Mudhalvan Skill Development Program, initiated by the Tamil Nadu Government, empowers college students with the skills they need to secure suitable jobs after completing their studies. Teaching Digital Marketing: A Journey of Empowerment Teaching digital marketing to college faculties and students […]

100+ Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tactics for Website and Blogs

Blog Content Marketing or Website Marketing Ideas, Tips and Tactics : Promoting a website or blog to a specific target audience had never been easy works. But using right tools and tactics, you can get your content/post noticed and generate buzz in online world. In this Marketing Ideas infographic includes, Social Media Content Marketing Outreach and Interaction Syndication Email

Digital Media Marketing Awareness Program in Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy, India

Digital Media Marketing Awareness Program in JMC, Trichy In Jamal Mohammed College, Students are invited me for giving awareness program about Digital Media and Digital Marketing on 4th Jan 2014. It had wonderful experience and share many things about digital marketing technology, SEO, SEM, Web development and Internet Growing technology. Many of the students interested

Effective Link Building through Social Media Monitoring in SEO

Today online marketing efforts extend beyond with one another. With the accurate coordination, it will be a stroke between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing begins to haze. Marketing strategy is started out exclusively as a means for improving social media visibility are now transitioning into feasible SEO strategies. One of my desired