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Digitz Technology Empowers Trichy National College Students with Digital Marketing Training and Career Opportunities

Digitz India Technology, a leading digital marketing firm, has taken a significant step towards empowering the next generation of marketing professionals by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National College in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. This exciting partnership will provide students with a comprehensive program encompassing training, mentoring, internship, and job placement opportunities in […]

Digital Marketing Meetup 2023 in Trichy – Vanakkam Digital Meetup Trichy

Vanakkam Digital Meetup : A Gathering of Marketing Minds. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry that requires continue learning and adaptation. Success in the ever changing field of digital marketing depends on remaining current with the newest trends and tactics. Because of this, digital marketing meetings are becoming more and more well-liked, offering a

Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms in social media which most of us fail to use. LinkedIn is not only for business professionals it is for everyone. Do not use the profile photo like the one you are using for your Watsapp or Facebook profile. Use the professional one. Use the headline for

Tips to Create a Unique Brand Identity

It is very important to create the identity for your brand for the success of your business. Here we are going to discuss 6 questions you must ask before creating the identity for your brand. Getting to know more about what your purpose is.  Research to understand what will make you different from your competitors

Get To Know About 5 Tools for Social Media

From small start-ups to international business you would have known the importance of social media in it. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the important tools that would help you out in social media marketing. Biteable Creating content for social media is a very important step in marketing. The most important

What is Alt Text? How Does It Help You To Rank Higher?

After your website construction, you will be spending time on blogging, constructing titles and meta description then the next step is optimizing your images which indirectly adding alt text to the images. What is the use of the alt text? Alt Text can be also referred to as alt tag or alt description, they usually

Best SEO Tactics For Your WordPress Website

Everyone who has been involved in digital marketing knows the importance of search engine optimization for the website. Now in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the important tactics for the WordPress website for the better rankings. What is WordPress SEO? When compared to doing search engine optimization for any other kinds

Google Ads – Mistakes to be Avoided

Google Ads can be considered as one of the powerful platforms for marketing your business. Google ads generally help us to rank higher on Google’s search result page. Google ads generally help us to drive traffic to our landing pages. When you avoid the mistakes that are commonly made in performing Google ads you could

Get to Know About Types of SEO

In many blogs and articles, you would have come across the term search engine optimization or SEO. Now in this blog as a next step, we are going to discuss types of SEO and how to succeed in it. Traditional Types of SEO for Business On-Page SEO All the efforts that you put to make