Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Business?

Content marketing can be considered as one of the important pillars of digital marketing technologies. Content marketing refers to the technique of creating valuable, consistent and trendy content that supports your products or services and helps you to reach your target audience. Why content marketing is important? They help in improving the reputation of your […]

Get to Know About Types of SEO

In many blogs and articles, you would have come across the term search engine optimization or SEO. Now in this blog as a next step, we are going to discuss types of SEO and how to succeed in it. Traditional Types of SEO for Business On-Page SEO All the efforts that you put to make

What is CPA Marketing? How to Succeed in It?

The success of the business generally relies on acquiring the leads for our business. As many of us know there are many ways for capturing the leads and converting them into the customers. One of the interesting and successful ways is CPA marketing. CPA marketing not only provides as with the leads but also helps

Google’s New ‘people cards’

Is it Possible that individual Can link their website, Social Profiles, and other relevant pages From one place? Many of them can say don’t be silly or how it is possible but …Now it is possible through Google. Yes, Google Launches a new People card from that where we can obtain all these facilities. Gaining

How to Promote Content to Reach More Prospects..?

Content – Communicates Your Message: The content you create communicates your message, educates your readers, and persuades them to purchase your products and services over your competition. In fact, providing high-quality content is one of the most important things you can do to attract clients and create interest in your business. Types of Content:   

The Internet’s Most Hated – [Infogrphic]

Most Hated people on the internet In this world, the area where the internet occupied is countless, each and every corner al people are using. This plays both good and bad, Internet hate thing is present within that which is filled with Racists, white nationalists, etc. The internet’s most hated group of people. according to

How Digital Transformation Helps The Industry’s Future..?

Advancements In Digital Technology: The Mode of work is changing due to advancements in technology, innovation, automation, robotics, digital platforms, and greater connectivity in all over the world. The impact of the digital economy is most advanced to incorporate applications and industrial systems; therefore, companies need to quickly adapt their working environment to keep up.

Why Branding is Important for B2B Websites?

Branding is Essential for B2B websites : A few statistics on below infographic that shows you that why branding is important to drive long-term growth and increase sales. 77% of B2B marketers say branding is crucial for growth. 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers personalized experiences.

Chennai Digital Marketing Professional Meetup 2018 – Tidel Park, Chennai, India

Digital Marketing Professional Meetup 2018 in Chennai, India: Chennai Digital Marketing Professional Meetup is a day-long meetup event organized by Chennai Digital Marketers Group(CDMG) aimed at bringing together the best minds from the Digital Marketing and Analytics domain to talk about search marketing, SEO, Social media, Digital Advertising, analytics, content, trends, insights and Marketing. This

Jobs Opening for Digital Marketing Manager in Chennai, India

Digital Marketing Manager Jobs in Chennai, India   An exciting opportunity for digital marketing managers!!! We are looking for the digital marketing experts who are committed, passionate, owning up responsibility, with ‘I-will-do’ attitude, smart approach, which is essential to build business big! Experience: 4-8 years for USA Market. Job Location: Chennai Job Description: Experience in